Pledge of Performance

The James E. Moore Insurance Agency prides itself in providing the most helpful and timely assistance when filing a claim. This is the time you need us the most and we are proud to say we will be there for you.

Please contact one of our customer service representatives by calling our office at 910.256.5333 or when out of town by calling 800.256.3244. Should you wish to email one of our team please click here for a listing of our professional staff that will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

While we are ready to assist you please allow us to make you aware that the majority of the companies we represent have toll free numbers directly to their respective claim centers. In many instances their team of professionals can speed the process up by having you file a direct claim with their company. If we can be of assistance in this process we are more than ready and willing to do so. Please find the list of companies and their toll free numbers outlined below.

Builders Mutual 800.809.4861 ext. 239
Fireman’s Fund 888.347.3428
GMAC 877.468.3466
Halifax Mutual 910-256-5333
Hartford Commercial 800.327.3636
Hartford Personal 800.243.5860
Johnson & Johnson 800-487-7565 x 5024
Kemper 888.252.2799 Choose Option 1 & then 3
NC Beach & Fair Plans
(see note below)
Flood (Other than Travelers) 800-759-8656
Progressive 800-759-8656 Choose Option 1
Scottsdale 800.423.7675 Choose Option 1
Tapco 800-334-5579 Choose Option 3
Travelers Commercial 800.238.6225 Choose Option 1
Travelers Flood 800.505.0193
Travelers Marine 800.772.4482 Choose Option 1
Travelers Personal 800.252.4633 Choose Option 1
Universal Insurance 800-218-3206
Zurich Commercial 800-987-3373
Zurich Builders Risk 800-239-6851
NOTE: NC Beach & Fair Plans
If you also have a Homeowners or other policy covering perils other than wind, call the claim number for your primary company (Homeowners, etc.)

If you do not see your company listed, please call us at 910-256-5333.