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An office is the primary or only premises for numerous types of small businesses, including, for example, employment, travel, collection, insurance, advertising and other agencies. Electronic equipment and data are vital to the operations of most such businesses. They also have the risk of lawsuits from disgruntled clients or customers.
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Although the range of different products manufacturers produce is huge, with only a few exceptions the risk exposures differ more in degree than in kind.
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Business Interruption Insurance (BII) is an often overlooked insurance coverage that protects against exposures to loss every bit is vital as fire or litigation.If your business is forced to close your risk is not limited to temporary loss of income, which can be devastating in and of itself.You also run the risk of losing customers who turn elsewhere for their product or service needs.You may have difficulty paying key suppliers during an income interruption causing further long term loss as those suppliers sever their business relationship with your company.
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Twenty five percent of the businesses forced to close due to a disaster or emergency never reopen. Smaller businesses are especially vulnerable because they do not typically have the resources to cover continuing expenses if income is interrupted. A business can greatly reduce the chances of a disaster becoming a death sentence for you business by planning ahead. Here's what you need to have in place.
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