Business Insurance for Retail Stores

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As a retailer, you are running a business so your insurance needs will start with basic property insurance and commercial liability insurance, just as with many other businesses. But as a retailer you face some risks to your property, income and other assets that other businesses do not have to contend with. James E. Moore Insurance Agency has worked with many different types of retail shops, stores and operations over the years and we find that most need to pay special attention to insurance coverage for:

  • Personal Injury - this is especially important if you have any in store traffic
  • Glass Breakage - signs and display cases need special insurance coverage
  • Business Interruption - most retail businesses have seasonal spikes in income, so calculating this insurance coverage needs to account for cash flow patterns common to your operation; dependence on suppliers is another variable that should be considered.
  • Loss Due to Spoilage - Obviously, not all businesses carry inventory that requires refrigeration, but for those that do, spoilage can be a major financial setback.

Exclusive fashion boutiques have different needs than dry cleaners and not all hardware stores have the same risk profile. Let us help you identify, manage, and insure your retail business risks.

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