Company Directory

Jim Moore, CPCU, CLU, CIC

Photo of Jim MooreCEO
Phone:   910-256-5333   Ext: 101

Adrienne Moore, CIC, API, INS

Photo of Adrienne MooreAgent and COO
Phone:   910-256-5333   Ext: 111


Teresa Gedraytis, CIC, CISR

Photo of Teresa GedraytisCommercial Lines Manager
Phone:   910-256-5333   Ext: 104


Will Bunting, CIC

Photo of Will BuntingAgent
Phone:   910-256-5333   Ext: 114

Nikki Marshall

Photo of Nikki MarshallSales Assistant
Phone:   910-256-5333   Ext: 120


Andy Eidson

Photo of Andy EidsonAdministrative assistant
Phone:   910-256-5333   Ext: 129

Sharon Murphy

Photo of Sharon MurphyCSR
Phone:   910-256-5333   Ext: 116


Keith LeRoy

Photo of Keith LeRoyAgent
Phone:   910-256-5333   Ext: 127

Donna Cucina

Photo of Donna CucinaAccountant
Phone:   910-256-5333   Ext: 125


Jaclyn Todd

Photo of Jaclyn ToddCSR
Phone:   910-256-5333   Ext: 115

Melinda Williams, CPCU, CIC

Photo of Melinda WilliamsBenefits Account Manager
Phone:   910-256-5333   Ext: 126


Erin Chitwood, CISR

Photo of Erin ChitwoodPersonal Lines Manager
Phone:   910-256-5333   Ext: 107

Patrick Cummings

Photo of Patrick CummingsAgent
Phone:   910-256-5333   Ext: 128


Justin Barber

Photo of Justin BarberAgent
Phone:   910-256-5333   Ext: 117

Sally Smith

Personal Lines CSR

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