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Insurance policies are made to be customized for a reason.The business executive has more income and assets to protect from liability claims than the recent college graduate.Families have more people to think about than young single people or an empty nester.And it is worth noting that the single person, the recent college graduate, the business executive and the empty nester can all be the same different times.We all have different pursuits, different incomes, different bank balances at different points in time.The insurance policies that make up your insurance program - your blanket of protection - need to be tweaked from time-to-time so that you are getting the right protection and benefiting from all available discounts.
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After your home is damaged by wind, hail, or other natural elements, the storm isn't necessarily over; in fact, it might be just the beginning. Here's what you need to know about the storm-induced insurance process from diagnosing the damage to filing a claim and making repairs so that weathering your home's recovery is as painless as possible.
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Have you heard of supermodels insuring their legs or singers taking out a policy on their priceless vocal chords? That's probably not necessary for most people, but many of us probably do have a few valuables that can and should be insured separately.
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Long Term Care Insurance (LTC) is designed to reimburse you for expenses for everyday living assistance, should something happen to you. Traditional medical insurance and Medicare will not cover extra costs should you need help with activities we take for granted like bathing, eating or simply getting out of bed. LTC insurance options can provide for nursing home costs as well as home health care and assisted living.
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