Special Events Insurance

An Event Isn't Perfect Without The Right Insurance

If you're looking for peace of mind during that special picnic, parade, car show, concert or other event, an insurance policy can provide you with exactly that.

Today, any group, club, business, association or individual organizing an event is exposed to liability claims brought by spectators, participants, attendees, and contractors. Special Events Insurance is there to protect your business or organization from claims arising from events not covered in you general liability insurance policy. Special Event Insurance is often required by auditoriums, parks and other venues where events are held. Coverage can be tailored to the duration, size, activities, and nature or your individual event.


If you have volunteers, temporary workers or committee members, they will automatically be protected during the event. We're interested in covering your one-day, multi-day or annual events that have up to 10,000 attendees.

Regardless of the type of event, accidents happen. Don't let your event be remembered for the accident; make sure you have the right insurance in place!

Claim Example:

What if someone at your event trips and falls, damages part of the facility or drinks too much and causes an accident on the way home? This example illustrates how insurance for your event could help you save thousands of dollars if someone were to get hurt.

A pedestrian was struck by a motorcycle where the event sponsor was directing traffic. She suffered torn ligaments and tendons in her ankle along with back injuries. Medical bills and loss of wage claims exceeded $68,000, which was covered by the policy.

Do you have questions about Special Events Insurance?

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